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Kagoshima Sakurajima Volcano

Visit Kagoshima and feel the power of the Earth – active volcanoes, natural hot springs, oceans and islands.

Travel from the misty mountains of Kirishima in the north, past smoking volcanoes and vibrant Kagoshima City, through samurai towns and undulating green tea fields to the deep south of Kyushu.  Venture further across the sea to the ancient cedar forests of Yakushima and beyond to the white sand beaches and cerulean seas of Amami Oshima and the tropical southern islands some 600km away. Discover a depth and variety of natural beauty not found anywhere else in Japan.

But what kind of people live here, and what are their lives like? Who are the people that create the local food, culture, art, and lifestyle? Why have we never heard from them before?

Because of the barrier of language and cultural differences. The warm and friendly locals want to welcome interested travellers, but were never sure how to communicate. Now you can hear from them in their own words.

We have spent over a decade getting to know the local people – our family, friends, neighbours, and acquaintances – and we want to share their stories and achievements with you. We have gained their trust and friendship and can now tell their stories to enrich your next trip to Japan. 

Join us on a journey to meet craftspeople, artisans, artists, chefs, businesspeople, and a whole host of other characters along the way. Hear their stories, see their lives, and get a glimpse of real life in rural Japan.

Come and meet the people.

People of Kagoshima.

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