About People of Kagoshima

People of Kagoshima was started as a project to shine a light on the real lives and stories of local everyday people here in Kagoshima, Japan.

The idea for the project was born out of our own early experiences in Kagoshima – sitting in small local restaurants and bars, enjoying delicious food, drink, and the ambience of the town. We were surrounded by the kind faces of strangers, but we were unable to communicate with them, to hear who they were, that kind of lives they led…

All because of barrier of language.

Now after many years of living here we can share true interactions with locals to paint a better picture of this wonderful land should you ever find yourself visiting.

We have spent over a decade getting to know the local people – our family, friends, neighbours, and acquaintances – and we want to share their stories and achievements with you.

Join us on a journey to meet craftspeople, artisans, artists, chefs, businesspeople, and a whole host of other characters along the way. Hear their stories, see their lives, and get a glimpse of real life in rural Japan.

Come and meet the people.

Where is Kagoshima?

Kagoshima is located at the southern tip of Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan’s four major islands. 

Surrounded by the East China Sea to the west, Okinawa Prefecture in the south, Kumamoto Prefecture to the north, and Miyazaki Prefecture to the east, Kagoshima Prefecture stretches from the southern Kyushu mainland over 600km to the tropical southern Satsunan Islands.

Home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Kagoshima is a natural treasure trove with a unique and fascinating local culture. Join us on a journey to meet some of the colourful characters and interesting people that live here.

Map of Kagoshima

Kagoshima City

Kagoshima Airport



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Who makes People of Kagoshima?

GOTOKU Alex Bradshaw

Alexander Bradshaw

Alex Bradshaw is a travel industry professional and Head of Overseas Business for Shimadzu Ltd., working at UNSECO World Heritage Site Sengan-en. He is also the Head of Overseas Communications for Kagoshima Prefecture and owner of travel consultancy GOTOKU.

Alex is an expert in developing attractions and building narratives for the travel industry and has won international trade awards in recognition for his work. He also works with local governments across Japan to improve their tourism offering and promote to the western market, particularly for the luxury segment. Alex also contributes to local media and several podcasts.

STORI Mitch Stapleton

Mitch Stapleton

Mitch is an entrepreneur, radio and television personality, and digital content creator. Growing up in Las Vegas, he came to Kagoshima as a young college graduate, and after seeing Kagoshima’s potential as a birthplace for startup companies, he founded STAPLETON — an innovative learning center and language school, and STORi STUDIOS — a digital content creation company.

Mitch has worked with major Kagoshima companies and local governments to help develop their global branding and international messaging. He is also a regular on local media outlets and hosts his own radio show on MyuFM.

Concept, Writing, and Production

Direction, Filming, and Editing

Produced for Kagoshima Prefecture