Kagoshima Places to Stay

From local hotels, traditional ryokan, and farm stay experiences, to out of this world private luxury accommodation, Kagoshima has a great choice of places to stay. Over the last decade we have gotten to know the owners and staff of Kagoshima’s amazing accommodation personally and will share their stories and experiences with you. Join us on a trip to meet the People of Kagoshima who will welcome you, look after you, and make your stay in Kagoshima the most memorable of your time travelling in Japan.

Onsen Paradise

Japan is famous for hot springs, and Kagoshima has nearly 3,000 of them thanks to the volcanic nature of the prefecture. Take some time out from the world and relax at one of Kagoshima’s many famous ryokan inns. 

Local Hotels

Find locally operated hotels and accommodation to suit all needs and budgets. Whether staying in the city for convenience and access, or heading out into the countryside to escape from the world, Kagoshima has plenty of options available. 

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